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the thrill of it all

Fresh and hot. Linen shawls thirsty for
After. Before. That was fun! 😊 Bring on

mags kandis

​is an impassioned designer and maker.

she is inspired by her travels, ancient techniques and global textile traditions.

her joy is found reinterpreting and redefining her explorations into textiles that speak to a modern aesthetic.


indigo + rust

​is the result of many passions:
~a love of natural fibres-- cotton, silk, linen, wool.
~ an awe of the depth of hues created only by natural colourants--indigo, rust only being two.

~ a fascination with the ancient japanese arts of arashi and itajime shibori, among other global techniques.

in her prince edward county studio, mags hand crafts modern adornments for the body and the home:

shawls, scarves, bags, timeless garments, pillows and other home goods.

a major focus is sustainability and gentleness towards the earth. re-purpose. re-use. re-imagine. love again.

no two items are ever the same....

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